Porcelain and Us
The delightful journey with porcelain continues for many years and it goes up by producing ‘Fine Bone Porcelain’ with using the latest technology. As Kar Porselen, we keep tracking each innovation, each phase of porcelain and then use them in our collections; that provide to develop our vision and using technological and aesthetic innovations with world at the same time. We produce more elegant, thinner, transparent and smooth porcelain by using ‘Fine Bone Porcelain’ which is the latest trend in porcelain for the first time in Turkey.
When The Subject is Porcelain…
Porcelain is member of ceramic and completely natural substance which is made from land. Porcelain is produced as an organic substance, because its raw material is clay. The modern world acquainted with porcelain by European explorers and in this regard pioneers have been the Portuguese sailors. Portuguese had named “Porcella” to this item and lay a foundation of today’s porcelain. Portuguese thought that porcelain is produced by mother of pearl, because of its white color; so that they named porcelain which comes from meaning of clay. Porcelain is prepared at temperature as high as 1400 °C; produced from completely natural raw materials and process of that substance is very practical. White color comes from the substances it contains not from paint. Also compaction ratio of porcelain is very sufficient; it has semi-transparent structure and light transmission. The storage of nutrients are healthy in porcelain and this is the main reason why the use of it in the different countries at the moment.
The Benefits of Porcelain
  • Porcelain brings happiness and joy to your dinner
  • Unscratchable hard surface
  • Easy care and hygienic
  • Porcelain is not affected by acids
  • Colours will not fade
  • Resistant to chemicals
What is Fine Bone Porcelain?
Fine Bone Porcelain is the transparent, so it has the capability of light transmission. In this way, possible to have a table with gleaming tableware. This porcelain is very smooth due to the premium raw material and also it has glazed surface which is much more difficult to mark due to high material technology. Also it has much more resistant to impacts and temperature changes based on hard porcelain. Ideal for the boutique designs and patterns. Thus, much more unique and making difference patterns are obtained. During producing of Fine Bone Porcelain, much less water, plaster and energy is used, so that is environmentally friendly.